6 Amazing Benefits Of Meditating Every Morning

Meditating for a few minutes every morning provides amazing benefits for the mind and body that last all day.

You've no doubt heard about the scientific research about meditation and mindfulness and how it can recharge the brain and rest the body. 

Here are 6 practical benefits that we've noticed which result as a direct result of incorporating a few minutes of mindful meditation with your morning coffee:

1. You'll discover that you won't need as much coffee!

Meditation activates the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, which triggers a deep state of relaxation during the practice. Even if you didn't sleep well, after meditating for 20 minutes, you’ll naturally release energy-boosting endorphins that’ll rejuvenate your mind and body and make you spring to life without having to rely solely on caffeine. 

2. Your mind and body will naturally counteract stress without effort!

Meditation is to stress what kryptonite is to Superman. The primary side-effects of this kryptonite are increased happiness, deeper and more peaceful sleep, higher creativity and much less stress. The stress hormones are reduced drastically the more you meditate.

3. You eat cleaner. 

Science has shown conclusively that when you're sleep-deprived or stressed out, you reach for junk food. After a while of mindful meditation, you will discover that your cravings for junk food, super sugary treats, fried foods, fast foods, doughnuts or candy has reduced and dissipated. You'll notice it has been replaced by a craving for fruits and vegetables. After all, we are what we eat. The body knows how to eat well. Listen to the body. It wants natural nutrition. 

4. You become a better driver!

It has been shown that more accident prone people have difficult multitasking as their minds are preoccupied, especially while driving. Meditation has been shown to increase your ability to multitask, and coincidentally it makes you a safer driver. It makes you a calmer driver. It reduces incidents or road rage. Even if someone cuts you off, you realize that it's okay. Just because some else doesn't know how to drive as well shouldn't affect the way we are.


5. You will last longer in bed, and have a lot more fun!

Men often shy away from this subject. We all, however, want to be great lovers. This means not only having a strong body, but also a strong mind. Meditation lowers stress hormones, which naturally boosts testosterone levels. As our Testosterone increases, our ability to last in bed increases. It makes men more passionate lovers. So if you like morning sex and it's an option, you'll find yourself having more stamina and energy, clarity of mind, more passion, and easier to achieve climax. Meditating provides you with more patience and sensitivity when it comes to being present with your partner. Especially if you meditate together.

6. You can tackle whatever problems the day brings!

Meditation makes us calmer and less stressed. The mind can tackle any problem with ease and confidence when it's not stressed. You'll discover that you are in a "flow state" where everything just flows together without effort. Mindful meditation can offer almost the same benefits as microdosing psychedelics!

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