Cosmic Threads was created to help you achieve higher levels of consciousness and realign your cosmic energy via the creation of Sacred Space.

Our own authentic experience has been taken away from us by culture and society. There is a need in this world to return back to spiritual values and create a sacred space for one's own direct experience. 

There is something sacred about the nature of the Universe, and in time it shows itself to us.

And when the sacred manifests itself, it could take the shape of something as primitive as a stone or something as complex as spirituality.

It is the space around these sacred objects that is a break away from the homogeneity of the world, where the Ganz Andere (The Other) manifests itself as the fixed point of all cosmic orientation, setting oneself as the center of the Universe.

To fulfill the need to create sacred space as is it vital and essential, Cosmic Threads was born to curate the best psychedelic and spiritual apparel, accessories and spiritual objects.